MCHA News Flash Vol. XXV November 2014
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MINUTES: October 2nd, 2014 Meeting


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Minutes:  October 2, 2014 Meeting


Call to Order:  Henry Ruhnke called the meeting to order at 8:31 am, Redwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa


Present: Barbara Meister, Carol Chorbajian, Nicole Charles, Gary Cursio, Nicole Charles, Rick Aldinger, Rick Heuer, Henry Ruhnke, Sam Teel, Rod Schinnerer, Bonnie Adams, Rene Boskoff, Hunter Harvath, John Narigi, Tom Rowley, Jason Retterer, Mike Bekker, David Armanasco,


Minutes of the September meeting were approved.


Special Presentations/Roundtable/Action Items: None


Executive Committee Referral/ Member Issues/ADDITIONS:


Boskoff reported on the Ordiances expected to be enacted by the LA County Board of Supervisors enacting a minimum wage of $15.37/hour. CHLA has been following the issue and expects there will be litigation filed if the minimum wage is enacted. Ellis reported that LA, SF and San Diego are all in process to enact similar minimum wage ordinances. Work is being done in San Diego to prepare for a referendum if an ordiance is passed.


Ellis and Boskoff will continue to watch and report as needed.


Additions to the Agenda: None


Task Force Updates:


Highway 156: Teel reported the TAMC Ad Hoc Committee will be meeting in Seaside October 9, 1:00 pm at the Oldemeyer Center. The Committee usually meets in Castroville. This is the first time they have met on the Peninsula. Teel believes a strong showing from the business community will help the Committee understand 156 is just not a Prunedale issue. Meister is working on talking points. Ellis will do a meeting notice for the GAC and Board.


The TAMC board meets October 22.


Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project: Ellis reported:


·         There is a reported agreement among the MCWRA, MCWD, MPWMD, MPWPCA and Salinas regarding source water for GWR. The scope of the agreement sets the parameters for further negotiations among the parties and is not an actual agreement for source water. It is unclear where the ag community stands. Costs to the end user are still not known.

·         MCHA and COP representatives are going to start work with the MPWMD on rationing plans.

·         The MPWMD wrote to the SWRCB regarding relief from the CDO. Meetings with staff are expected to be in November.

·         The CAW appeal for the test CEMEX test wells is set for the Coastal Commission’s November meeting in Half Moon Bay. Ellis will advise on date and time as soon as it is known.


Heuer said the MPWMD parcel tax case will be heard December 18.


Rowley mentioned the Board of Supervisors session re MPRWA costs and representation and the Board’s, particularly Calcagno’s, highly critical comments.


Meister said Assembly member Stone had convened meetings to discuss intake and brine disposal issues desal plants.


Special Events Ordinance: No new information.


Waterfront Master Plan: Ruhnke said the City is holding a study session October 14th. The issues still revolve around parking. The latest plans would remove 100-150 spaces.




Charles reported SB 936 has been signed by the Governor. She also passed out information sheets on Proposition 1, the Water Bond Measure on the November ballot.


Candidate and Campaign Updates.


Cursio reported the Board had authorized $20-40,000 to be spent on campaign contributions. $18,900 has been committed.


It was found that Ken Cuneo had supported Measure O and increased TOT in Pacific Grove. While MCHA was not withdrawing its endorsement, no funds were contributed to the campaign.


There is continuing support and work being done on Measures P and Q.


Economic Agenda for Monterey:


Meister reported the Economic Agenda was now being called the Action Plan for Revitalizing Monterey. They have met with Mike McCarthy and some of his staff. The Plan was well received.


Old Business: None


Announcements: Narigi reminded everyone of the fundraiser “party” for Judge Phillip’s to be held a Shake’s house. Cursio mentioned the Rubio event to be held at Bayonet/Blackhorse.


ADJOURNED at 9:43 am to November 6, 2014.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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