MCHA News Flash Vol. XXIX August 2014

October 23rd Hospitality Recognition Lunch

2015 Education Leadership Seminars


Minutes:  July 3, 2014 Meeting


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Minutes:  July 3, 2014 Meeting


Call to Order:  Gary Cursio called the meeting to order at 8:35 am, Redwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa



Present: Gary Cursio, Michael Bekker, Deidre Whalen, Sam Teel, Barbara Meister, Ed Prohaska,Tom Rowley, Rick Aldinger, Hunter Harvath, Jason Retterer, Carol Chorbajian, Bonnie Adams


Minutes of the June meeting were approved.


Guests: None


Executive Committee Referral: None


Member Issues/ADDITIONS:


·         Teel said Narigi had discussed with him MCHA joining with other businesses to review issues and candidates in the upcoming elections. Teel agreed to participate in the discussions.

·         Rowley reported that the next HABLE lunch will include a presentation on the status of the deep water desal project.

·         Whalen said the NMS Environmental Assessment on the CAW test slant wells was out for public review.


Special Presentations/Roundtable/Action Items:


Monterey Sales Tax:

·         Ed Prohaska reported on the recommendations of the City’s ad hoc advisory committee and City Council:

o    The ad hoc committee began work May 2 and has assimilated a great deal of information and has made its preliminary recommendation to the Council:

o    1% sales tax

o    Special tax directed at streets, sidewalks, storm drain and ADA improvements focused in the area of the Downtown and North Fremont Specific Plans.

o    For a period of four years to align with City elections

o    The Council received the committee’s recommendations and directed the City attorney to prepare a ballot measure consistent with the committee’s recommendations but did not include the focus on the specific plans.

·         Chorbajian added:

o    City staff wanted a 1% general tax for a period of 10 years and wanted to use a portion of the revenue to retire the side fund.

o    The committee first considered whether or not there should be a sales tax and voted 6-5 in favor of a sales tax increase. They then voted 10-1 recommend that the tax be a special tax.

·         Prohaska added:

o    The City currently annually budgets about $1.5 million for streets; $3.1 is needed.

o    The City has substantial unfunded liabilities for retirement programs and retiree health plans.

o    The City wants to be able to pay off the safety side fund.

·         Chorbajian reported further that the committee:

o    Voted 9-2 for an oversight committee

o    Voted 9-2 for a 4 year measure

o    Voted 9-2 to focus the tax on street improvements, ADA, and drainange

o    Recommends there be further review of outsourcing and salary benchmarking.

·         Chorbajian also reported the Council had:

o    Directed the City Attorney to prepare a ballot measure to be considered by the Council August 5 along the following lines:

o    Special 1% tax

o    4 year life

o    Funds to be spent on roads, sidewalks, ADA and drainage

o    Inclusion of an  oversight committee

o    Not to specifically include references to specific plans.

·         Meister said there was still an opportunity to advocate for inclusion of specific plans.

·         Cursio questioned if there might be a shift in TOT and MCVVB funding as a result of the tax and what effect Roberson as mayor might have.

·         Bekker asked if there was any discussion of using NIP dollars for street improvements. Chorbajian said NIP funds were used one year but that was all.

·         Aldinger said there had been some discussion of alternative ways to address the side fund.

·         Cursio asked to go around the table for comments:

o    Teel-be clear about what we will support and keep it simple

o    Rowley-keep in mind this is just “round 1”

o    Bekker-oversight committee needed and to support with a few specific projects

o    Harvath-supports getting work done downtown

o    Aldinger-support for 4 year term with focus on streets

o    Adams-support for downtown plan, streets a priority, need representation on the oversight committee

o    Cursio-keep it simple and focused.


Motion by Teel, second by Rowley and unanimously approved (Whalen abstain) to recommend to the Board:

·         1% sales tax for a 4 year period

·         Specific tax for street, sidewalk, drainage and related improvements with an emphasis in the downtown area.

·         Oversight committee with hospitality industry representation.



Additions to the Agenda:


  • None


Task Force Updates:


Highway 156:


·         Teel reported the toll road studies are moving ahead. He and Meister had met with the Herald.

·         Meister reported CalTrans and TAMC were moving ahead with an RFP for a Private Development Agreement for the toll road. This would allow ultimately for a private entity to build the toll road and recoup their cost and profit via toll collection and bonding.



Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project: Narigi reported:

·         The permit for the test wells will be considered by the Marina Planning Commission July 10. Then Coastal Commission will consider a permit later this year.

·         There are still no source water agreements for GWR; without those the size of the desal plant can be increased. Signed agreements are questionable.

·         A search for a replacement for Bill Thayer on the MPWMD board continues.

·         The COPB white paper is completed and will be distributed shortly.


Special Events Ordinance: Ellis reported:


·         The county has conducted a couple more public meetings in the Salinas Valley. There are no new drafts at this time.


Waterfront Master Plan:


Ellis reported Planning Commission action has been deferred pending a new parking survey to be done in July and August.




Old Business






ADJOURNED at 9:48 am to August 7, 2014.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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