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MINUTES: January 8, 2015 Meeting  


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Minutes:  January 8, 2015 Meeting


Call to Order:  Sam Teel called the meeting to order at 8:29 am, Redwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa


Present: Rick Heuer, Gary Cursio, Henry Ruhnke, Tom Rowley, Janine Chicourrat, Rod Schinnerer, John Narigi, Sam Teel, Barbara Meister, Todd Muck, Rene Boskoff, Carol, Chorbajian, Bonnie Adams, Jason Retterer, Tom Greer, Hunter Harvath, Deidre Whalen


Minutes of the December, 2014 meeting were approved.


Executive Committee Referral/ Member Issues/ADDITIONS:


Rene Boskoff and Janine Chicourrat reported on upcoming ARC and Community meetings regarding the Conference Center renovation. The ARC meeting is tentatively set for January 21. The Community meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 22. Rowley noted a conflict with NIP meetings on January 22.


Ellis will notify the GAC of the meeting dates.


Special Presentations/Roundtable/Action Items:


·         Robert Murdoch, Public Works Director for Monterey County made a presentation regarding the County’s deferred road maintenance issues:

o   Public Works agencies typically uses a standardized “paving index” scale to rate the condition of their roads.

o   A rating of 70 +/- is considered to be acceptable. Monterey County’s rating is about 30.

o   The County spends about $4 million on road maintenance projects; about half of that is paid for by TOT. 21% of the TOT went to road maintenance this year. That percentage will increase to 25% in the next 2-3 years.

o   Maintenance costs:

§  Chip seal: $35,000 per lane per mile

§  Overlay: $250,000 per lane per mile

§  Reconstruction: $1,000,000 per lane per mile

·         The County is considering placing a “Transportation Sales Tax” on the 2016 Ballot to provide a larger funding source for road maintenance and improvements.

·         Boskoff asked about other possible funding sources. Murdoch said it is a matter of the board making choices in the use of their discretionary funds.

·         Harvath asked about participation from the ag/business sector. Murdoch said he made presentations to the Farm Bureau and Grower Shipper organizations. They agree there is a problem but did not commit to funding or support for a tax measure.

·         Chorbajian discussed how Monterey’s Measure P four year life and that how the money is actually used will determine future support for renewal.

·         Heuer expressed general support for “maintenance of effort” concepts and the significance of oversight committees.

·         Muck said this issue is being discussed at the TAMC Board January 28.


Executive Committee Referral:






·         Night Time Noise Ordinance: Ellis reported that the County had passed the Night Time Noise Ordinance. The ordinance established noise limits for activities between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

·         2015 Goals and Structure: Teel said he would like to see individual members to take “ownership” of issues as they arise. This would make for a “go to person(s)” on those issues. Teel also wants to consider allocation of additional MCHA funds to promote MCHA, including use of television.

·         Authorization for MCHA Chair/GAC Chair(s) to Act on Items needing immediate action: Cursio discussed the need to have authorization to act (letters, meetings, appearances, etc.) on issues when action is needed before the next GAC and/or Board meetings would occur. Harvath indicated his support. Boskoff and Heuer said they supported the authorization provided the action was consistent with MCHA policies and positions. It was moved by Heuer, seconded by Harvath and unanimously passed (Whalen abstained) to authorize the MCHA and GAC Chair(s) to act on items needing immediate attention provided the action is consistent with MCHA policies and positions.


Task Force Updates:


Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project:


Narigi reported:

·         MCHA and Coalition representatives met with MPWMD staff and attended the MPWMD Board meeting on the outdoor seating issues. The Board directed staff to work on an ordinance that would allow for 50% of the approved indoor seating to be added for outdoor seating without requiring approval from the District. MCHA and the Coalition will continue to work on the issue.

·         The MPRWA and MPWMD have met twice with SWRCB representatives to discuss the CDO and rationing seeking some relief from the CDO requirements in light of the water project delays. The proposals have been “kicked back” at this time but discussions will continue.

·         Work is proceeding on the test wells at the CEMEX site. CAW is working on the wells 24/7. The MCWD/Ag Land Trust suits have been moved to Santa Cruz County. Hearings on the TRO are pending. Whalen said CAW had received their discharge permits for the test wells from SWRCB and federal agencies.


156 Update:


Teel reported:

·         The public private partnership agreements are being negotiated and will be reported to the TAMC Board in January.

·         The TAMC Board will hold a public workshop on the agreements and toll road concept February 25.



Waterfront Master Plan:


No new information.




Charles was unable to attend the January meeting. Harvath noted that Senator Monning was now the Senate majority leader.


Economic Agenda for Monterey:


Meister said there was nothing new to report due to inactivity over the holidays. Ruhnke commented on the high level of activity in the downtown area.


Old Business:


Heuer and Chorbajian reported the City will be starting the process to officially establish the Measure P Oversight Committee and the potential role of the Committee. The goal is for the Committee to be proactive instead of reactive and to invite a higher degree of public involvement.




Greer announced that runway safety project is proceeding. In March most of the turbo prop flights will be replaced with jets. The result will be fewer flights but more overall seats.


ADJOURNED at 9:46 am to February 5, 2015. Ellis noted the February meeting will be held at Spanish Bay.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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