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2015 Education Leadership Seminars


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Minutes:  November 6, 2014 Meeting


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Call to Order:  Gary Cursio called the meeting to order at 8:33 am, Redwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa


Present: Gary Cursio, Sam Teel, Bonnie Adams, Rick Heuer, Carol Chorbajian, Tom Rowley, Janine Chicourrat, Barbara Meister, Tom Greer, Jason Retterer, Michael Bekker, Hunter Harvath, John Narigi, Rene Boskoff, Debbie Hale


Minutes of the October meeting were approved.


Executive Committee Referral/ Member Issues/ADDITIONS:


Consider MCCVB letter (discussed later)


Special Presentations/Roundtable/Action Items: The GAC heard a presentation from Chip Rerig, Chief of Planning, Engineering and Environmental Compliance, City of Monterey:

·         The Downtown Specific Plan has been in place about one year. About $100 million of public and private money has been committed to the downtown area including conference center renovation,

·         The Planning Commission is scheduled to begin discussion of the Lighthouse Specific Plan in the Spring of 2015.

·         Work on the Waterfront Specific Plan is continuing. The goal is to connect the waterfront area and downtown. Parking remains a significant issue.

·         The North Fremont Specific Plan was adopted about 6 months ago. It has not yet resulted in any significant new development in the area. The City has received a $6.48 million grant for transportation and right of way improvements.

·         Ausonio Construction has been selected to be the project manager for the Conference Center renovation.

·         The City Council is going to consider appointments to the Measure P Budget Oversight Committee November 18th.

·         Chicourrat asked when the work on the Cibo site will be complete. Rerig estimated 12-18 months.

·         Chorbajian asked how the connection showing increased hospitality business and increased NIP revenue could be improved. Rerig did not know.

·         Narigi asked about traffic improvements on Lighthouse. Rerig indicated there were plans to widen the street by reducing the width of the sidewalks.

·         Narigi asked if there was any concern over the increasing number of restaurants in the City. Rerig said that was being addressed in the Specific Plans.

·         Bekker asked if there was any additional information re the Ocean View Plaza site. Rerig said he had not heard any updates.

Executive Committee Referral:


Teel stated the Executive Committee was considering sending a letter to the MCCVB asking for active support for 156. It was moved by Narigi, seconded by Chorbajian and unanimously passed to approve the letter.




Chorbajian reported on the passage of AB1897. This created a new law which essentially makes businesses responsible for the failures of their subcontractors. This could very broad impacts that will be detrimental to business throughout the state. Boskoff will review with CHLA. It was moved by Teel, seconded by Narigi and passed unanimously to contact Monning’s office and invite him to the December meeting to discuss the impact of the new law.


Task Force Updates:


Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project: Narigi reported:


·         The CAW appeal for the test CEMEX test wells is set for the Coastal Commission’s November 12 meeting in Half Moon Bay. The CCC staff has recommended the appeal be granted and test wells approved. MCHA and the Coalition are working with CAW on getting people to attend the meeting, developing talking points and to write letters.

·         MCHA and COP representatives are going to start work with the MPWMD on CDO impacts and rationing plans.

·         The MPWMD wrote to the SWRCB regarding relief from the CDO. Meetings with staff are expected to be in November.

·         The MPRWA TAC is doing a field trip to Moss Landing 11/17 to view and receive updates on Deep Water Desal and the People’s Project. Narigi is not available so Ellis will attend in his place.


156 Update: Meister reported:


·         The project continues to move forward.

·         The TAMC Board adopted the Guiding Principles for future Public Private Partnership agreements.

·         The TAMC Board is expected to consider continuing to move forward on the PPP agreements process in January or February. The State Transportation Committee would then consider the proposal in April or May.

·         Hale commented that Supervisor elect Phillips was supportive of a 156 project. She also noted Monterey Councilmember Sollecito has been a strong supporter. His replacement will be significant.


Special Events Ordinance: Cursio reported that he had talked with Supervisor Armenta. The group proposing expanded Short Term Rentals hired Gary Patton to represent them.


Waterfront Master Plan: No new information.






Candidate and Campaign Updates.


Ellis reported the outcome of the November 4 elections. Most of the races have been decided. The Sheriff and Barrett/Selfridge races were still too close to call. Ellis also reported that 14 of the 17 candidates and both of the measures MCHA had supported were successful. There was general discussion of the need to meet with the winning candidates we did not support to talk about how to best work together.


Economic Agenda for Monterey:


Meister reported they continue to meet with privately with key stakeholders and continue to receive positive responses.


Old Business: None




Chuck Della Sala will be the guest of honor at the December lunch. Chicourrat suggested that all outgoing elected officials should be recognized.


ADJOURNED at 9:43 am to December 4, 2014.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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