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MINUTES: September 4, 2014 Meeting


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Minutes:  September 4, 2014 Meeting


Call to Order:  Gary Cursio called the meeting to order at 8:31 am, Redwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa


Present: Nicole Charles, Tom Rowley, Henry Ruhnke, Sam Teel, David Armanasco, Barbara Meister (9:20), Bonnie Adams, John Narigi, Janine Chicourrat; Rene Boskoff, Alan Perlmutter, Michael Bekker, Tom Greer,


Minutes of the August meeting were approved.


Guests: Senator Bill Monning; Alliah Sheta, MCCVB; Justin Salters, Chevron Oil; Maureen Wruck, Monterey County for Energy Independence


Special Presentations/Roundtable/Action Items:


Senator Monning presented a legislative update:

·         The 2013-2014 legislative session is complete.

·         The State has a balanced budget with a surplus.

·         SB 936 has passed the legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. This would let the CPUC authorize the MPWMD to issue public bonds for the water project and would result in a significant savings to the public.

·         The State Water Bond, $7.5 billion, was approved to be placed on the November ballot. If approved, the Central Coast would be able to apply for about half of the money for a range of water projects. Another $2.5 billion would be available for increased and new water storage and conveyance for Central Valley ag uses.

·         Also on the ballot is Proposition 2 which would establish a formula to protect the state’s reserves and to allow use of excess reserves for specific purposes such as debt reduction.

·         New law authorizes state wide groundwater management planning.

·         The new budget restored a significant amount of K-12 funding and increased funding for CalFire and CalTrans.

·         Senator Monning chairs the Senate Insurance Committee. They are looking at ways to reduce cost and make earthquake insurance more affordable.


Teel asked how we can support SB 936. Senator Monning suggested a letter to the Governor. Charles will forward info to Ellis.


Bekker asked about AB 69, a gas tax increase. Senator Monning was not aware of the bill. If it has not passed the legislature, it is dead.

Boskoff asked if the Senator can help with the CalAm application pending before the Marina CC. The Senator said he has talked individually with the Council members.


Senator Monning did mention the progress on the Coastal Trail. Much work is still to be done but the work is moving forward.


Rowley commented that insurance carriers seem to have little incentive to reduce their premium costs.

Senator Monning acknowledged the work that is being done toward improving 156.


At the conclusion of the Q&A, Senator Monning and Nicole Charles left (9:00 am)


Monterey County for Energy Independence:


Armanasco introduced Jason Salters, Chevron Oil and Maureen Wruck, Monterey County for Energy Independence. Salters made a presentation re current issues in Monterey County including:

·         An explanation of fracking versus “huff and puff” extraction.

·         Economic benefits of energy independence.

·         Pending ordinance issues in Monterey County.

·         Asked for MCHA to join Monterey County for Energy Independence.


Teel asked about natural gas production in Monterey County. Salters said there is no natural gas production the County.


Wruck discussed the production of water as a byproduct of oil production. About 8 AF/d of water is produced in the San Ardo operations.


Armanasco asked for MCHA to join Monterey County for Energy Independence.


It was moved by Ruhnke, seconded by Narigi and passed unanimously to recommend to the Board that MCHA support Monterey County for Energy Independence.


Executive Committee Referral/ Member Issues/ADDITIONS:


·         EC discussion re political contributions from MCHA surplus (addressed later in minutes).

·         Meister presented a letter supporting Measure P, the City of Monterey 1% sales tax and asked for support. The letter is consistent with MCHA’s past support. It was moved by Meister, seconded by Chicourrat and passed unanimously to recommend signing the letter.


Additions to the Agenda:


  • Noted


Task Force Updates:


Highway 156: No update



Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project: Narigi reported:


·         Dave Stoldt has submitted a proposal to ag as a means of getting to a source water agreement. No response yet.

·         The TAC will consider recommending the MPRWA Board send a letter to the SWRCB regarding extension of the CDO.

·         The MPWMD has sent a letter to the SWRCB regarding the rationing plan. That is expected to be discussed in November.

·         The Marina City Council hearing on the CAW slant well appeal was held 9/3 but no decision was reached. The hearing was continued to 9/4.

·         The City of Monterey had a presentation from CAW on rate structure. It was poorly attended by business and heavily attended by CAW opponents. CAW agreed to participate in a public forum on rate issues. CoPB is working on an informational document re commercial rate structure.


Armanasco said Deep Wateer Desal had made a presentation to Public Water Now. It is clear PWN intend to launch a full, broader attack on CAW and continue to push for public ownership.


Chicourrat noted the Carmel Residents Association is almost entirely supportive of public ownership.


Special Events Ordinance: No new information.


Waterfront Master Plan: Ruhnke is meeting with Wharf owners/tenants re alternative plans.


SACRAMENTO REPORT: Previously discussed.


Report and Recommendations from Candidate Interviews:


Cursio explained the process that had been used for the interviews. Ellis presented the interview panels recommendations (attached). It was moved by Teel, seconded by Armanasco and passed to recommend approval of the slate to the Board of Directors (Meister, Chicourrat, Greer abstained).


Economic Agenda for Monterey:


Meister presented the Economic Development Agenda for Monterey and explained how it had been developed by a number of representatives from MCHA. It has been approved by the MPCC and will be considered by MCPOA next Tuesday. A candidate forum will be held October 1 at the Conference Center. The Agenda will be used as part of the discussion.


Cursio asked if this had been discussed with the City staff. Narigi thought it would be best if it were presented to staff shortly before the forum as a “head’s up” for them.


It was moved by Armanasco, seconded by Narigi and passed that the GAC recommend that MCHA endorse the Agenda.


Discussion re Political Contributions:


Cursio reported the Exec committee had discussed use of a portion MCHA’s revenue surplus for campaign contribution. He noted Boskoff said he supported the contributions but felt they should be direct from MCHA not the PAC. Narigi favored use of the PAC. Ruhnke asked what difference it made. Cursio explained use of the PAC offered MCHA a layer of insulation in making donations. Cursio also noted that once donated to the PAC, the PAC controls the money. Donors cannot target their donations through a PAC.


It was moved by Narigi, seconded by Ruhnke and passed (Ruhnke, Rowley, Teel, Perlmutter, Bekker, Narigi and Retterer present) to recommend to the Board that a portion of MCHA’s revenue surplus be used for campaign contributions.


Old Business: None


Announcements: Narigi invited all to the fundraiser “party” for Judge Phillip’s to be held a Shake’s house.


ADJOURNED at 10:22 am to October 2, 2014.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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