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MINUTES: March 5, 2015 Meeting


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Minutes:  March 5, 2015 Meeting


Call to Order:  Henry Ruhnke called the meeting to order at 8:32 am, Ironwood Room, Portola Hotel and Spa.


Present: Gary Cursio, Henry Ruhnke, Tom Rowley, Janine Chicourrat, Rod Schinnerer, John Narigi, Barbara Meister, Bonnie Adams, Tom Greer, Deidre Whalen, Michael Bekker, David Armanasco, Rick Aldinger, Ted Balestreri, Jr., Rene Boskoff, Sarah Cruse, Debbie Hale, Jason Retterer, Dawn Mathes


Guests: Ariana Green, Jan Leasure, Susan Bradley


Minutes of the February 2014 meeting were approved.


Executive Committee Referral/ Member Issues/ADDITIONS:






Arian Green did a presentation on the Highway 1/Holman Highway Roundabout:

·         The Roundabout is a joint project sponsored by the City of Monterey (lead agency) TAMC, MBUAPCD, Monterey County and Caltrans.

·         A Roundabout was selected due to less cost, less tree removal, shorter construction period and reduced air emissions from idling cars.

·         Construction is expected to start October 2015 and take up to one year to complete.

·         Cost is about $8,200,000

·         Green used a video demonstration of how the roundabout will work.  Signage for the roundabout is expected to minimize confusion in the roundabout and improve safety.

·         Bekker asked about coordination of construction with special events. Green said that is being coordinated with the Pebble Beach Company and City of Monterey,

·         Armanasco asked if the Highway One overpass will be repaved as part of the project. Green did not know.

·         Rowley asked if roundabouts were considered safer than intersections. Green said yes, Traffic is slower through the roundabout and collisions that might happen are generally side to side instead of T or head to head impact.

·         Boskoff asked who had the right of way in a roundabout. Green said r/w will go to the vehicle in the roundabout.

·         Schinnerer asked about issues with CHOMP. Green said discussions are ongoing with CHOMP to address their concerns.

·         Narigi asked about alternative routes during construction, especially through downtown Monterey and the Lighthouse tunnel. Green said that detours routes are being coordinated and designated by the City of Monterey.

·         Boskoff asked how sure was the 12 month construction schedule. Green said that was the current expectation. Mathes said PBC believed it might be as short as 4 months.

·         Hale said they are examining the benefit of a full closure and shorter construction schedule vs sporadic closures.


Task Force Updates:


Coalition of Peninsula Businesses/Regional Water Project:


Narigi reported:

·         GWR status continues to be somewhat up in the air. Agreements are now expected to be in the May/June timeframe.

·         The CAW test well is being constructed and testing is expected to start March 1. Testing will take up to 2 years. The projected completion date for the desal project is May 2019.

·         The EIR is scheduled to be released in April 2015. The PUC is expected to act on the CPNC in February 2016.

·         The Coalition has prepared two op/ed pieces for the Herald.

·         In regard to CDO relief:

o    The current proposals on CDO relief came from CAW not the MPRWA, although Jason Burnett has met with SWRCB staff on the issue.

o    The proposal that was released to the public is a preliminary document with few details. The Coalition has submitted a list of 17 points of concern.

o    There is “no schedule escape.” That is the plan relies on CAW meeting a schedule but the schedule does not anticipate outsides delays by other agencies and litigation.

o    It is not clear who would pay the CAW fines, corporate or ratepayers.

o    CAW does not want to litigate the CDO. The Coalition believes it is an alternative that must be kept on the table.

o    The Coalition believes an alternative would be to go directly to the Governor for assistance.

·         The MPWMD is going to enact regulations for outdoor restaurant seating. The current proposal is as good as it can be at this time.

·         The City of Monterey will now allow food vendor trucks in most of the City’s commercial areas, including Cannery Row. Business “lost big.”


156 Update:


·         Meister said there is little new to report. The “P3” workshop has been delayed.

·         Hale said that TAMC has been spending time educating new TAMC Board members on the 156 issues. The P3 workshop will likely be in April.


Conference Center:

·         Chicourrat reported

o    She and Boskoff were meeting later in the day re construction schedule.

o    Asbestos abatement is due to be done in June and July.

o    Some hotel GMs will be meeting with the City finance staff re bonding.

o    The City Council is expected to consider authorizing the bonds March 17th.

o    The will also be meeting with the CVB on developing a communication plan for the renovation.







Ellis gave an update on recent County actions

·         The County agreed with Landwatch to consider GP amendments which, if approved, would result in the settlement the Landwatch GP suit. The amendments deal with water supply, ag land conversion, the winery corridor plan and wildlife corridors. The Refinement Group is developing a response and recommendation. Ellis and Cursio will be meeting with the RG March 10 at noon.

·         The County has begun processing through numerous new land use regulations including a development evaluation system, noise, events, and short term rentals. Ellis asked Leasure and Bradley to discuss their STR advocacy group and issues. Leasure and Bradly said:

o    A group of businesses and persons in the STR industry have come together help educate the public and decision makers on the STR issues and benefits.

o    They presented the GAC with a study that had been commissioned to show the positive effect of the STR business.


After discussion a subcommittee (Bekker (chair), Aldinger, Rowley, Schinnerer and Leasure or Bradly) were appointed to work on developing a policy statement to be considered at a subsequent meeting.


Economic Agenda for Monterey:


Ruhnke said they continue to work with McCarthy on ways to get this in front of the Council publicly. McCarthy is talking with Council members. That will not preclude a public presentation by the proponents.


Old Business:


Chorbajian reported on the status of establishing the Measure P Oversight Committee and its role. The City Council has approved guidelines that have the Committee meeting quarterly with an annual report to the Council. The Committee will review how funds have been used, but will not be a direct participant in determining how monies will be used. The Council did designate one Committee seat for hospitality. It was moved by Cursio, seconded by Narigi and approved by those present (Whalen abstained; Retterer, Mathes, Chicourrat, Hale and Armanasco had left) to write to the City recommending Chorbajian and Aldinger for seats on the Committee.




Cursio reminded everyone about the Seaside City Council meeting on the Monterey Downs ENA and that talking points had been circulated.


ADJOURNED at 10:14 am to April 2, 2015.


Prepared by Dale Ellis, Government Affairs Director

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