July 2009









Dear MCHA Members,


What a year of peaks and valleys…and we still have six more months to go!! The tough times of 2009, faced by all, has created one common denominator…making all of us roll up our sleeves and go back to basics.


This back to basics approach included establishing new sales tools and tactics for recruitment into our Association.  We were pleased that together with these tools (refreshed website and new brochure to name a few), along with the efforts of our existing members, we now have the privilege of welcoming 15 new members to MCHA. 


One of the many perks of being President is the honor of suggesting a theme for the Annual MCHA dinner.  How appropriate that our committee rolled with an appropriately named theme…Mission Impossible.  Whether looking at this years economic crisis, or how to execute a spy-themed event, we all rose to this impossible challenge and continued to surprise ourselves with what we could accomplish.  The amount of continual praise and compliments we received for this evening has been overwhelming. Not to mention, we also raised a good sum of funds for our association through our members and supporters and honored our Hospitality Professional of the Year, Michael Bekker, which reconfirms that Monterey’s spirit is dedicated to hospitality.


Another first for MCHA was further advertising via a professionally cut television commercial that you may have viewed.  We felt a great importance of community awareness for our association and what better method than our very own 30 second highlight reel.  Haven’t seen it yet??...don’t fear, the reception for this clip has been so significant that it will be continuously aired for quite some time.


Our continual mission to offer educational opportunities for our members resulted in some truly eye-opening seminars from fantastic presenters.  Some of these included “Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive 365,” “Innovative Approaches to Special Events,” “Crime, Drugs and Gangs”, and “Hospitality Law Update.” We hope to see you at future seminars as we continue to fill our calendar with more pertinent topics to our industry.


The Employee Recognition Day was the most well attended one so far! Bringing together our employees for a day of fun and laughter was a great way to celebrate their contributions and achievements this year.  Congratulations to all of the winners of the events, but more importantly, to all of you for encouraging your employees to attend and show off their terrific team spirit!


Our accomplishments for the first half of the year should be celebrated. Tough times mean tough decisions, and together, supporting each other, we are making it through with our goals and objectives, Rejuvenate, Recruit, Retain and Revenue fresh in our mind. Thank you to an incredible Board of Directors for working so tirelessly on all our various committees, thanks to our Government Affairs team for keeping us so well informed and acting diligently on the behalf of MCHA…and the biggest thanks of all to our members for supporting our association and believing in the world of hospitality.

Best wishes


Sarah Cruse

President, MCHA

General Manager, Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club


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