Hospitality Recognition Rules

Criteria:  10 Finalists for the Papa Vince Award


Who is eligible? 

All non-management/non-supervisor hourly employees are eligible to become one of the nine finalists for the Papa Vince Award.  Please consider all employees whether they have guest contact or not when making your nominations.  Salaried employees in management positions are not eligible. Employees that won last year are not eligible to win this year.  They can however, be recognized using the recognition only form at the end of the packet.  They will receive a pin, name in program and acknowledgement in the newspaper.

How many employees may I nominate?

You may nominate as many employees as you wish.  This is a wonderful way to acknowledge your many employees that have made contributions to your business and to the hospitality industry.

Does each employee need a write up?

No.  If you simply want to recognize an employee complete the Recognition Form at the end of the packet. No additional write up is necessary.  However, if you want your employee to be considered for a judged award, please complete the appropriate application forms.

How will my employees be acknowledged?

All nominated employees will receive an Excellence in Hospitality pin.  Should one of your employees be selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists, they will receive numerous plaques, as well as gift certificates to area attractions, restaurants and/or accommodations.


Businesses will be given the following guidelines in order to assist in the selection process.  These guidelines are intended to be award categories, one winner will be chosen from each Category listed.  Following is the criteria:

  1. Focusing on the Guest Experience *(4 Winners-1 from each business category listed below)
  2. Innovation and Technology (1 Winner-any business category)
  3. Humanitarian/Community Service Efforts (1 Winner any business category)
  4. Longevity (1 Winner any business category)
  5. Effective Team Player (1 Winner any business category)
  6. Best Display of Safety & Security (1 Winner any business category)

For consideration of the Papa Vince Award, an employee should excel in one or more of the above categories.

*The judges will ensure that one winner in the Focusing on the Guest Experience Award Categories will come from each of the following Business category:

  1. Large Hotel (51+ employees)
  2. Small/Med Hotel/Motel/Inn (1-50 employees)
  3. Restaurant
  4. General Business (ie. Retail, Laguna Seca, transportation, rental car, Aquarium, etc)

Please complete the entire nomination form for your Papa Vince Award candidates.  For employees not being considered for the Papa Vince award please complete the form on the last page.

Special Achievement Award Criteria
This category acknowledges the hourly supervisor.  Judges will put a higher level of expectation on these employees and will honor the winner with a Special Achievement Award.  Criteria that judges will be using will include the following:

  1. Focusing on the Guest Experience
  2. Innovation and Efficiency
  3. Humanitarian Efforts
  4. Leadership
  5. Safety and Security
  6. Financial Management